Current Events


FlyFF Octoberfest Event 2019

Unpack the lederhosen, get a hold of a roast chicken and three Mass wheat beer and stuff it down your throat all at one […]

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FlyFF Event – Music Festival 2019

The ‘Summer Breeze’ Festival just closed its doors, but FlyFF keeps on rocking! On this Tuesday, the ‘Music Festival’ Event has been applied to […]

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Event – Fluffy Invasion

Mistakes during server maintenances seem to be more common as of late. Another mishap has occurred within today’s maintenance. As described in the patch […]

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WEBZEN Summer Event

Perfect beach weather, summer vacation is going strong; just the bikini body will probably have to wait until winter comes around. The WEBZEN Summer […]

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Silver Hearts Event 2019

Even during summer’s hottest months, the search for love is going on all over FlyFF. One NPC in Flaris in particular cannot get enough […]

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