Some time ago, we made a small step towards a FlyFF Record Book. We did this in form of a little blog entry about a German FlyFF guild breaking the worldwide Tower Siege speed record.

In the English version of this article, the community showed activities from both EU and US guilds in the comments, wanting to see their personal bests in our ranking. This made us consider a few options concerning the depiction of such records.

New overview for FlyFF records

With our new FlyFF Record Book, we have, on the one hand, devised a neat way of depiction for existing records and, on the other hand, provided the opportunity for you to share your record entries with us as easily as possible. Beside the contact form provided, you can also reach out to us concerning your records via our social media accounts. You can choose between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Only one record on our current list?

We have to admit currently working to capacity for our Blog. As such, we have been lacking the time to intensively research the current international records in a plethora of categories. We will make sure to catch up on that in the near future.

Next to our own research, we would like to cordially invite you to submit your own records to us. We look forward to giving your records a platform!

What do you think about a FlyFF Record Book in general? Do you like comparing yourself to other players and setting new records, or are you not keen on the competitive aspects of FlyFF whatsoever? But, more importantly… what do the one-armed Hobos, with their swords attatched to their wrists via a chain, do when they are itching somewhere? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!