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Clear statement concerning the DMG reflect farming method 5. December 2019 - 11:27 am

As reported yesterday by us in a Newsticker entry, discussions about the damage reflect method and its legitimacy regarding AFK farming emerged again inside the community. At the end of the discussions, GM Klaig promised players that this topic would be discussed with the FlyFF team and that an official statement on the matter was to follow.

This promised statement was released today. It sees WEBZEN declaring that farming via DMG reflect is made possible by a game mechanic rather than external tools and is therefore not deemed as AFK farming. Should the user of this method be supported by a character healing them automatically through means such as macros and the likes, WEBZEN clarified this to still be a clear violation of the rules.

As it stands, nothing has changed. We still welcome the clear statement made concerning the topic, as it allows players to refer to something substantial. You can read the whole statement made here.

AFK farming via DMG reflect not legal after all? 4. December 2019 - 1:33 pm

Today, discussions about damage reflect AFK farmers emerged on the official English FlyFF Discord server. Up until now, the damage reflect method did not, to our knowledge, collide with the official rules. GM Klaig currently seems to be of a different opinion and had a heated discussion with the players on the Discord server.

In his closing statement on the topic, he indicated that this matter would be discussed internally. Until an official statement is made, this method of farming is to be avoided. Is an official ban of the damage reflect method used for AFK farming closer than we think?

‘Legend of the Moon Rabbits’ – Rice Cakes not farmable on the Collector Field after all 29. November 2019 - 9:59 am

GM Piccolo announced that the ‘Rice Cakes’ from the ‘Legend of the Moon Rabbits’ event are not obtainable from the Collector Field after all this morning on the English FlyFF Discord server. Supposedly, it was a misinformation from the developers, and they apparently wish to apologize to the players.

Once again, this seems to be a typical WEBZEN move. They blindly reiterate what the developers tell them (despite many negative experiences with doing so) and, should the information be wrong after all, it is shrugged off with an apology. It seemingly does not matter to them whether players purchased items from the Cash Shop with real money because of their misinformation.

Seriously, WEBZEN… you have test servers; use them, before you blindly parrot the newest nonsense!

‘Legend of the Moon Rabbits’ – further adjustments 28. November 2019 - 10:58 am

Just yesterday, we detailed the drop rate of the new farm event being raised after negative feedback from the community within a Newsticker entry.
This morning, we saw ourselves confronted with a déjà-vu: once again, an announcement was made on the official FlyFF Discord server, stating a further raise of the drop rate. We wonder whether this will be the final adjustment.

Furthermore, GM Piccolo noted that the ‘Rice Cakes’ can now be farmed at the Collector Field as well. He explicitly states that Premium Batteries will not work for the event items.

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