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Runs until 01/07/2020

Runs until 01/07/2020


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Festive Top-Up debacle 11. December 2019 - 11:29 am

Under the banner of ‘Webzen’s 2019 Holiday Event’, our favourite publisher is presenting all sorts of goodies meant to delight the players. A well-known tradition of WEBZEN also makes its return: the Top-Up bonuses and rewards. Here, players need to top-up and spend a certain amount of WCoin during the event timeframe in order to unlock packages with ingame items.

This time around, the Beginner, Novice, Advanced and Master Packs were up for grabs. Apperently, though, a mistake seems to have occurred concerning the WCoin requirements (and we are not even talking about some players starting off with a negative WCoin value). The last three packs were initially on offer for 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 WCoin respectively. Many players took advantage of what seemed to be a bargain.

WEBZEN, on the other hand, did not seem to have planned it as such a cheap steal. And so it was that the prices were quickly raised to 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 Wcoin. Players who cashed in before the change (which occurred on Wednesday, 12/11/2019 at 8 a.m. UTC) to obtain their rewards were rightfully agitated when they did not receive them, as originally announced.

WEBZEN, too, seems to have noticed that this state of affairs was not acceptable; and so, this morning, a statement on the Discord servers was made. This statement promises a solution to be found for the players in question and encourages them to use all items they have already bought without second thought.
We remain more than on the edge of our seats about what this promised ‘solution’ will look like. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all players affected by the blatant misinformation.

Return of the gold sellers 7. December 2019 - 1:01 pm

Maybe some of you remember these little spam bots called ‘gold sellers’. Mostly they’re hanging around in Flarine spamming their Penya4USD offers. Pretty annoying stuff if you ask us. We know what we’re talking about as these little bastards are permanent visitor on the German FlyFF server.

At least they’ve been a German exclusive until now. One of them has been spotted on the US FlyFF server Aibatt. Are they returning again now that the international servers are crowded due to the server merge?

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Clear statement concerning the DMG reflect farming method 5. December 2019 - 11:27 am

As reported yesterday by us in a Newsticker entry, discussions about the damage reflect method and its legitimacy regarding AFK farming emerged again inside the community. At the end of the discussions, GM Klaig promised players that this topic would be discussed with the FlyFF team and that an official statement on the matter was to follow.

This promised statement was released today. It sees WEBZEN declaring that farming via DMG reflect is made possible by a game mechanic rather than external tools and is therefore not deemed as AFK farming. Should the user of this method be supported by a character healing them automatically through means such as macros and the likes, WEBZEN clarified this to still be a clear violation of the rules.

As it stands, nothing has changed. We still welcome the clear statement made concerning the topic, as it allows players to refer to something substantial. You can read the whole statement made here.

AFK farming via DMG reflect not legal after all? 4. December 2019 - 1:33 pm

Today, discussions about damage reflect AFK farmers emerged on the official English FlyFF Discord server. Up until now, the damage reflect method did not, to our knowledge, collide with the official rules. GM Klaig currently seems to be of a different opinion and had a heated discussion with the players on the Discord server.

In his closing statement on the topic, he indicated that this matter would be discussed internally. Until an official statement is made, this method of farming is to be avoided. Is an official ban of the damage reflect method used for AFK farming closer than we think?

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